1. I think I need an adapted bicycle – where can I find one?
  2. Where can I find help to purchase an adapted cycle?
  3. Are there community rides that would be well suited for adapted bikes?
    • Yes, Cycle St. Louis and Trailnet have partnered to create an “inclusive” ride calendar. Every Trailnet ride will have a short course where cyclists can turn around at any time. In addition, Cycle St. Louis participants and their helpers will receive free rides by using the code: WAITING FOR TRAILNET TO GIVE TO US. See the Cycle St. Louis calendar of events, which contains links to every Trailnet ride.
  4. How do I determine what adapted bicycle is best suited for me?
    • Coming soon
  5. Are there adapted bicycles available to try out or rent?
    • Katy Trail Bike Rental located at 2998 S Highway 94 in Defiance, Missouri 63341 has the following cycles available for Free use on the nearby Katy Trail. Call the shop at (636) 987-2673 to book a time slot.
      • Wheel Chair Trike (captain sits in the rear, passenger in a front chair type seat with a lot of support)
      • Small and Large Hand Cycles
      • Tandems
  6. Other than community rides, where are safe places to ride in the St. Louis area?
    • Our region is blessed to have 128 miles of Greenways, which are safe places to ride for everyone. For area maps and the latest information on new and enhanced greenways, visit Great River
      Greenway’s website.
  7. Are there training programs for tandem captains/pilots?
  8. How do I locate resources in our region for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities?
    • IDDHelp provides information on agencies in the St. Louis Region that provide services to people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. They serve as a centralized, coordinated system to help people not only understand the options that are available, but how to successfully access them. See this link for their website.
    • https://iddhelp.org/start2_v3.asp