1. I think I need an adapted bicycle – where can I find one?
  2. Where can I find help to purchase an adapted cycle?
  3. Are there community rides that would be well suited for adapted bikes?
    • Yes, Cycle St. Louis and Trailnet have partnered to create an “inclusive” ride calendar. Every Trailnet ride will have a short course where cyclists can turn around at any time. In addition, Cycle St. Louis participants and their helpers will receive free rides by using the code: WAITING FOR TRAILNET TO GIVE TO US. See the Cycle St. Louis calendar of events, which contains links to every Trailnet ride.
  4. How do I determine what adapted bicycle is best suited for me?
    • Coming soon
  5. Are there adapted bicycles available to try out or rent?
    • Coming soon
  6. Other than community rides, where are safe places to ride in the St. Louis area?
    • Coming soon
  7. How do I locate resources in our region for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities?
    • IDDHelp provides information on agencies in the St. Louis Region that provide services to people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. They serve as a centralized, coordinated system to help people not only understand the options that are available, but how to successfully access them. See this link for their website.
    • http://iddhelp.org/start2_v3.asp