Cycle St. Louis is a partnership of organizations and individuals committed to building an inclusive cycling community in the St. Louis metro area by creating cycling opportunities for people with disabilities, and where everyone (all ages and abilities) ride together.

Cycling can provide a wide range of benefits for all people, especially those with disabilities. In our community, country and world, not enough people with disabilities are realizing the benefits and joy of cycling.

Blind and visually impaired cyclists enjoying a cold beer after a Trailnet ride.

Our Focus

  1. Promote broad public awareness of the importance of cycling for EVERYONE
  2. Provide training (how to ride, bike safety, maintenance, safe places to ride, how to secure a cycle)
  3. Provide access to a variety of cycles (financial resources for adapted cycles, rental, fleets, bike sharing, etc.)
  4. Create cycling opportunities, including facilitating participation in organized rides
  5. Partner with initiatives and groups to meet all objectives

The Benefits of Cycling

According to Wikipedia, approximately 1 in 5 individuals has some kind of disability, based upon the 2000 Census, totaling 49.7 million people. In fact, it is one of the largest minority groups in the U.S. (One in 10 individuals has a severe disability). There may be some groups, due to age or special health concerns, who have specialized needs applicable to cycling, but are not included in this calculation.

  • Cycling can enrich the lives of all people, including those with disabilities because it provides:
  • An active/healthy lifestyle
  • A sense of freedom and independence
  • Opportunities for socialization and to gain confidence.
  • An important mode of transportation, which connects people to services, social opportunities and communities to each other
  • Joy – cycling is simply fun

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